About Us

CONTEXT collects both sales and pricing data at every point in the supply chain.  We are the only company that can provide: fact-based detail of total end user consumption; complete margin visibility; and real channel sales figures for both our B2B and Retail clients - supported by the largest channel sales database in the world. 


Together with our extensive experience in managing and reporting on large data sets, we provide the highest quality data that has been helping our customers make business critical decisions for over 30 years.

Our global team of dedicated and experienced data professionals are based in our head office in the UK and in local offices in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, Japan and Brazil.  Our data development and enhancement capabilities are further supported by specialised off shore data processing teams, all trained and developed in-house.

CONTEXT. End to End IT supply chain solutions




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