2fa faq

Two-Factor Authentication

Q. What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security to the login process so that even if your password is hacked, your account remains secure.

To do this, 2FA requires your main password, as well as a ‘One Time Passcode’ (OTP) sent to the email address associated with your account.

Q. How does the Portal One Time Passcode(OTP) work?


Every time you attempt to log into the CONTEXT portal, a One Time Passcode will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Please retrieve this email, copy the code, and paste this into the portal login page to gain access.

Q. How often will I have to go through the two-factor authentication (2FA) process?


2FA provides access in a single browser on a single device for 24 to 72 hours, depending on the service you receive from CONTEXT.

You will need to login using 2FA if:

  • you want to log in on a different device 
  • you switch to a different browser 
  • you last logged in using 2FA more than 24 to 72 hours ago (depending on service).

Q. What happens when I click on Sign In?


An email containing your temporary passcode will be sent to your registered email address.

Q. What does the email look like?


Sender: contextportal@contextworld.com

Subject line: Your CONTEXT Portal One Time Passcode: 12345678

Email body:

Dear User,

Your OTP code is: '12345678' Please use this when prompted for 'Your One time passcode' during login. This code will expire in 10 minutes.

[This is an automated email, please do not reply]

CONTEXT Portal-Team

Q. What happens if two or more codes are generated?


Any older passcodes are invalidated whenever a new passcode is generated.

Please, therefore, use the most recently generated passcode.

Q. Does the code expire?


Yes, the passcode expires after 10 minutes

Q. What if I enter a wrong password?


Your temporary passcode can only be emailed once the correct password has been entered on the portal login page.

If you do not remember your password please use the Forgot Password link found in the login page.

Q. What if I experience an issue with my OTP?


Please wait for 30 seconds to one minute, refresh your inbox and check for any emails from contextportal@contextworld.com, including your spam folder.

If you still cannot find your OTP email, please contact the CONTEXT Portal Team at portalteam@contextworld.com for further assistance.